Create an Actionable Strategic Plan

From Vision to Action is an intensive 5-week program for small business owners to kick your business into a new gear! By the end of the program you will have clarified your strategic focus into an actionable plan including the key metrics to track so that you can achieve the goals that matter the most.

  • Clarify your Vision - know where you are heading

  • Reality Check - identify opportunities & mitigate risks

  • Integrated Planning - prioritise your actions & stay focused

  • Achieve Your Goals - accountability & support to get stuff done

The 5-Week Program

This program runs for five consecutive weeks!
Each Friday morning you'll join for live training and Monday evenings group coaching & support (AEST)

Find your purpose, get clear on your vision, strategise your time so you can achieve your goals!

Let’s Get Strategic – Competitor Analysis, Goal Setting, SWOTing and Risk Mitigation (the fun stuff!).

Marketing hits the Mark – Value propositions, target markets, key messages & tactics.

Prioritise your actions – frameworks to brainstorm all the pieces of the puzzle and get the important stuff done.

Plans to action – Tracking what’s important, developing your 90-Day Hustles, 6-Week Sprints and daily habits.

Program Delivery

  • Live Lessons

    Fridays @ 8 - 9.30am
    Mondays @ 5 - 6.30pm

  • Accountability with Worksheet Submission

    Wednesdays - Submission Deadline
    Thursdays - Feedback given

  • Group Think

    Share and collaborate with other course participants in an inclusive, safe environment.

  • Multiple Start Dates

    Register now with our introductory offer, and choose your preferred start date
    (March / April / May)

Doing Business is Hard

An Actionable Plan Makes it Easier

I've inspired business owners to challenge themselves, create thriving teams and transform their organisations.

They share a common value of being committed to achieving better, stronger and more profitable businesses and invested in the collaborative process. They're always up for a challenge, willing to learn something new, and want the best for others. They know growth requires a learning mindset and dug deep to always be better.

If this sounds like you, then be a part of this exciting program with other like-minded business owners.

I will be as committed as you are in this program and will do everything in my power to help you succeed.

The journey begins here.


If your questions are not listed below, please get in touch.

  • Who is the program best suited for?

    This program is most relevant to small business owners with small teams or solopreneurs who have moved past the start-up phase. You've got some runs on the ground and are ready to get serious.

  • Are the classes "on-demand" and accessible 24/7?

    The classes are delivered LIVE and have an element of interactivity that is vital for learning. However, recordings will be posted online after the class and accessible to all enrolled course participants. Recordings will not be available for the group coaching calls.

  • When does the program start and finish and what's the timetable (timezone AEDT)

    There are multiple start dates available. We will be in touch to confirm your desired date in March, April or May. Fridays @ 8am - Live Classes + Worksheets assigned
    Mondays @ 5pm - Group Coaching Workshops & Worksheet support
    Wednesdays @ 12pm - Worksheets / Activities Submission Deadline

  • What if I miss a class?

    Recordings of the live Friday classes will be made available within 24-hours and the week's worksheets are available on Thursdays. You may purchase one on one coaching for additional support.

  • Will there be activities or homework?

    Yes - in order to build your plan, you'll be asked to complete worksheets and activities each week. There will be support and individual feedback provided in the group coaching on Mondays and for worksheets submitted prior to each Wednesday at 12pm.

  • What are the Group Coaching Workshops for?

    This will be an opportunity for participants to:
    - discuss any issues around the activities to submit
    - hear and learn from each others' strategies
    - clarify any other concepts / ideas related to the previous class
    - raise any and all questions

  • How many participants will be joining the class?

    To optimise engagement and derive the most benefit from the group, we are opening only 25 spots for each intake.

  • Will I be expected to reveal sensitive information to the group?

    No. You will not be expected to reveal any financial data, personal or competitively sensitive strategic information to the group. The submissions are only seen by your course instructor and the greater specificity the more that feedback can be tailored to your unique circumstances.

Client Success Stories

Dr Christian Varney


The work I've done with Shannyn has definitely helped me make better business decisions and establish: the right people in my business, the best procedures / processes, and the best strategy for employee management.

Michael Plowright

Working Well Together

The aggregate value Shannyn has delivered is an integral part of the business' growth in the last 12 months. Shannyn is a crucial piece in the puzzle without which the business wouldn't be up and running.

Introductory Offer

Prices in AUD and include GST if applicable.

(Mulitiple start dates are available. Pay now to take advantage of our introductory offer).

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Invest in Yourself

Unlocking your business' potential requires a new mindset and a plan you can stick to.
This program will help you achieve the next stage of growth.


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