Do you want to head into 2022 with a better, stronger, more satisfying (and more profitable) business?

Maybe you’ve hit a business growth hurdle or maybe you’ve realised that what got your business to where it is now won't get you to where you want to be...

As business owners, we’re often so head-down-bum-up working in the business that we forget to review, reset and ensure we’re heading in the right direction. But when resources are limited, that time that you’re able to spend on your business? It damn well better be spent on the actions that matter!

  • Vision To Action is a five-week program designed to help you ditch overwhelm and shiny object syndrome so you can start achieving the goals that matter most in your business.

  • Join an accountable community of like minded business owners

  • Gain clarity on the goals and actions that matter most to your success

  • Identify unique opportunities and business blind spots

  • Benefit from a practical step-by-step plan that ensures you actually get stuff done

Program Delivery

  • 1

    Week 1 - Foundation Building

    • Purpose, Vision, Mission, Values and Capacity

  • 2

    Week 2 - Strategic Thinking

    • Your competitive advantage, SWOT-TRS (join the program to know what this is!) & defining your strategic priorities

  • 3

    Week 3 - The "Quick & Dirty" Marketing Plan

    • Ideal client avatar, key messaging, marketing tactics

  • 4

    Week 4 - Prioritisation and Focus

    • Whole of business impacts and prioritisation

  • 5

    Week 5 - Bringing It Into Action

    • Milestones, actions, measures to manage

  • 6

    BONUS WEEK (Optional) - The Wrap Up

    • Get feedback and support for your action plans and develop a great mindset to achieve it

Doing Business is Hard

An Actionable Plan Makes it Easier

I've inspired business owners to challenge themselves, create thriving teams and transform their organisations.

They share a common value of being committed to achieving better, stronger and more profitable businesses and invested in the collaborative process. They're always up for a challenge, willing to learn something new, and want the best for others. They know growth requires a learning mindset and dug deep to always be better.

If this sounds like you, then be a part of this exciting program with other like-minded business owners.

I will be as committed as you are in this program and will do everything in my power to help you succeed.

The journey begins here.
Just Shannnyn

Program Delivery

  • Live Group Sessions

    Fridays @ 8-9.30am AEDT

  • Supportive Worksheets

    An accountability program to support the achievement of your goals.

  • Group Think

    Share content and discussions with othe participants in a safe online space

  • Program Commences 5th November

    The program commences on the 5th November and runs for 5 consecutive weeks (with a free bonus week to wrap things up at the end).

Pricing options

Pay upfront, or over two installments. Prices include tax.


If your questions are not listed below, please email in.

  • Who is the program best suited for?

    This program is most relevant to small business owners with small teams or solopreneurs who have moved past the start-up phase. You've got some runs on the ground and are ready to get serious.

  • Are the sessions "on-demand" and accessible 24/7?

    The sessions are delivered LIVE and have an element of interactivity that is vital for learning. However, recordings will be posted online after the call and accessible to all enrolled participants.

  • How much time will I need to allocate?

    Each live session is 90 minutes, with additional time for those who want more support. In addition, you will need to allocate at least another 2 hours per week in order to complete the activities. As a busy business owner it's sometimes hard to carve out the time we need, however in order for your business to change, time needs to be spent on defining how to do that. Assigning the time will ensure you get the most benefit from the fast pace of the program.

  • When does the program start and finish?

    The program commences on Friday 5th November and runs for 5 consecutive weeks with the last official date on Friday 3rd December. Note that a 6th bonus week will be offered for FREE to participants to share / finalise their plans and work on their mindsets.

  • What if I miss a session?

    Recordings of the live classes will be made available within 24-hours and worksheets made available the day prior to each session.

  • Will there be activities or homework?

    Yes - in order to build your plan, you'll be asked to complete worksheets and activities each week. The program requires you to carve out time to work "on" your business. There will be support and individual feedback provided in the group coaching.

  • How many participants will be joining the program?

    To optimise engagement and derive the most benefit from the group, we are limiting numbers.

  • Will I be expected to reveal sensitive information to the group?

    No. You will not be expected to reveal any financial data, personal or competitively sensitive strategic information to the group. The submissions are only seen by your course instructor and the greater specificity the more that feedback can be tailored to your unique circumstances.

  • Can I pay in installments?

    Yes you can. We allow two installment payments, however contact us to discuss your options.

Invest in Yourself

Unlocking your business' potential requires a new mindset and a plan you can stick to. This course will help you achieve the next stage of growth.

Client Success Stories

Christina Canters

CEO - Podcast Services Australia

I have found Shannyn's business coaching to be insightful and incredibly valuable for helping me to get focused on my priorities for growing my business in a way that works for me. She knows her stuff and is very down to earth and compassionate. Highly recommended as a business coach!

Arek Rainczuk

Director - Fifth Castle Media

Shannyn has been a wonderful part of my journey growing a business. I see her weekly for our coaching sessions and I truly believe that, my business and I wouldn't be in the place where we are now, if it wasn't for Shannyn's guidance. One of her best attributes is that she really can listen, then ask questions that lead me onto the right path and keep me there. She helped me with business planning, mindset, processes, accountability and hiring first team members. She's fun and quirky and meetings are never boring. I think of her now as a close friend who just knows all about my business and really cares for me to succeed.

Dr Shamistra Barathan

Integrative GP & Founder - USAWA

What an incredible 6 week business coaching program- content, ideas, strategies, energy. It has inspired me to look at my business in a different light. Excited about the future. Met some inspiring entrepreneurs. Loved the attention to detail Shannyn gave! Highly recommend it!

Sam Waterworth

Director - Stairway Marketing

I knew had a lot to learn in order to be able to scale my business successfully and while I was excited by this I was also quite overwhelmed! I'm the kind of person that wants to constantly learn and implement the many many ideas that pop into my brain each day, which is tough when you're a one woman business! The Vision to Action program helped me to really get clear on why I started the business, where I want to take the business to and what the best next steps are in order to do just that. Thank you Shannyn for turning my overwhelm into a practical plan for taking my business to the next level. 🚀

Ameena Basile

Practice Management Consultant

I recently participated in Shannyn's vision to action program. Shannyn is awesome and the engagement with other members was helpful and supportive. Shannyn really helped me identify direction in my business!

Edward McInerny

Finance Broker

Vision to Action is a must for any business that wants to grow their business. It helps clarify those ideas with a structured approach and the guidance necessary to implement your goals!